Printer Fixes

The first few printed images came out ok but I found after printing a few portraits, this only applied to greyscale or bright colors.  Skin tones looked a spot odd as done by my quadtych of Kyle Harris ranging from ghoulish to gangrenous.  I also have a few profile pictures of Randy Booz where he looks like he recently became either a vampire or a mime.  I purchased a monitor calibrator to fix what seems to be the excessive warmth of my monitor and was stunned.  I’ve apparently been producing portraiture for some type of emo mausoleum or possibly a image survey appropriate for the color blind. Sometimes the truth hurts.

So I started printing out stuff to adorn my non-cubical walls at work but all my pictures are nature or people in stereotypical poses.  Either they’ll I ripped off issues of National Geographic or failed to remove the placeholder image from the frame.  I’ve compromised by making picture frames out of a pizza box and picking the oddest poses I could muster.