My insurance company offers a discount to drivers under 25 that maintain a driver’s log and answer a brief survey about one’s driving habits.  I shuffled through the log with a bubble wrap cover and saw the accident report form in the back, a form I’ve seen a dozen times in various insurance course.  What made this form different were the lines “what are you going to do to avoid accidents in the future?” and “did you remember to tell your parents?”

Chuck decided to argue with me.  He and I were asked to draw up changes to the parking policy.  I stated that we should have someone stand at the entrance gate.  He said we wouldn’t have to if people would read the instructions we gave them.  I then stated we could remind the camping secretary to remind them, and he said they could carry in their gear if they weren’t such wusses.  I replied that wasn’t within the scope of what we were asked to do, he said that didn’t matter… Now, normally, I’m up for a good argument, but a series of precisely executed non-sequitors doesn’t meet this criterion.  Gah!  Logical fallacies should be considered misdemeanor offenses.

The PTQ saw me as the designated driver to do the Wawa run for lunch.  I assembled the food for the five of us and as I approached the counter to pay the attendent said “hungry?” in that funny way that both recognized that I was shopping for multiple people and called me fat.  After moving the 5 sandwiches, 2 cups of soup, 3 gallons of beverage, and 3 pieces of fruit next to the register, I grabbed by gut and responsed “I am buying for five.”  I think there was about a 60% chance based on the look on her face that she thought I was pregnant.

My 8-Port Switch took a beating while at Summer Camp and I puchased a new one from Staples a week ago with plans on returning the old one in it’s stead.  I walk in non-schalantly and put the perfectly boxed switch on the customer service counter and then my plan hit a snag.  The service agent turned the device around and showed me where I had marked in multi-color Sharpie which ports worked and which went to what device.  Oops.  So, I did the only thing I could, I told a rediculous lie.  I looked the rep straight in the eye and said “It came like that”.

After watching a lot of Voyager yesterday, I noticed today’s episodes stalled. After fiddling I discovered it was my new Plextor PX-755SA, THE ONE I GOT TWO FUCKING DAYS AGO. In that this is my 3rd Plextor drive that will have needed replacement in 2 months, I’ve created a new device for Plextor customer service. taintbatI call it the taint-bat. The custom taintpin is designed to maximize taint-bat combat and ensure good connection. The pin is located on the sweetspot to minimize vibration and lead to a more comfortable experience for the taint-bludgeoner.

I was reviewing for my Soc 0064 American Ethnicities exam and was worried that discriminatory lending was the only case of discrimination without prejudice that I could come up with.  Worried that this was insufficient I smiled when I saw the 2nd test question started out with “John works at a bank and cannot lend to those with bad credit, which may overproportionately affect African Americans, this is an example of”.  I got a few glances as I pumped my fists wildly.

I received a quotation for antlatlry department at camp and was surprised when the total cost would be under $1000 including targets.  This of course, does not include labor but hey, that’s what CITs are for.  Now, I’m trying to find appropriate targets and am wondering if instead of using many targets like say a foam deer, I can save money and just buy one foam mastadon.  I know Scouting doesn’t permit shooting at animal likenesses but in this case at least the kids won’t have a gut reflex to shoot at the damn thing since it’s been extinction for 10,000 years.

I woke up late and some of my stuff was not cleaned up in the main room of Totem Lodge.  I left to take care of something and came back seeing a pile of my stuff on the table, Mrs. Lutz told me to clean up my trash.  I smiled when I saw Plato’s Republic in the center of the pile.

C. Fosmire was tired of indirect Scrabble competition as I shot words through other people so we had a throwdown.  A narrow victory in the first game gave way to a narrow loss in the second.  I would have been able to snatch victory but I later discovered that Qugei and OqG only exist as words in Klingon.