Undaunted by yesterday’s utter failure I began planning a more efficient route on my time attack of Half-Life: Blueshift.  At one point after clearing out all bad guys I left to use the bathroom only to return 20 minutes later with my dead corpse being raped by a headcrab that over the course of the last 20 minutes had rendered me limb from limb 2 health points at a time.  Note to self: Hit escape before using the restroom.

I have set myself a goal of producing a speed run of Half-Life: Blue Shift.  If you’re not familiar, a speed run is where one tries to complete a game as quickly as possible, also called a time attack.  I set down at noon to begin with the initial goal of completing it by 2.  At 4 PM I rose from my computer and went to the bathroom with my head down.  At 6 I arose again to eat dinner.  At 7 I saw the line by Maxim Online with the review of Blue Shift stating “Stevie Wonder could beat the game in 5 hours.”   It appears I have some work to do.