The Boy Scouts of America along with DK books are running an IP land grab photo competition.  I’m skeptical of photo competitions as many are just IP grabs as this one is in that all participants give the BSA a powerful license to do anything with the entries.  I found this while checking the terms and conditions and also found this on how the rating of the photos will go:

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I may submit something, and when I ask what my score was, point out that they didn’t rank my photo based on the full 125% of the contest.  The Supply Division person I contacted found this quite funny and in that I called 20 minutes before they closed, we just chit-chatted about her visits to Philadelphia.  I’m skeptical of the supply divisions math skills, but they employ polite people.

In a recent meeting where we nearly got a Sundae Bar, we were also told we needed to clean up the labs to be more “efficient”. Crazy Germans. Anyway, as the whole building was cleaning I was continually bombarded with the following: “Can the Boy Scouts use” followed by something of varying utility. Here’s a list of what I was offered:

  • Array of plastic bins (taken)
  • 200 foot roll of polyurethane foam (not taken, too big)
  • Collection of bottles that clearly looked like they were meant to store bleach (water bottles!)
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography set-up (not taken, I don’t care if Science can use it)
  • 200 bottles of hypoallergenic hand cream (taken, I now have very smooth hands and so can you)
  • Cardboard cores (taken, must find use for them)
  • 8000 glass pipettes (not taken, 8000?)

There were a few others but I nearly unplugged my phone after I was offered 14 high stretch fistula straps which are essentially surgical sumo diapers.

If you’ve driven in a car with me over the past year I’ve taken to driving with a glass of water or diet soda in my non-wheel hand and tonight, as I was driving Nick to the Lodge Executive Board meeting we came upon a police vehicle that looked like it was periodically stopping people.  As we inched closer, I thought I might have a problem in that I was drinking a dark colored beverage out of a Samuel Adams Glass, in a car with a youth both in the Boy Scout Uniform, in a car with series of dents in it and the back filled with empty beer cans and bottles for recycling that I had forgotten to put at the curb.  As we approached the cop, I was relieved to realize it was only a 3 car accident at a cross street at the cop had to park off to the side due to all the emergency rescue vehicles.