Every morning where I arrive at work before 9:30 AM I get a breakfast sandwich.  I’m entering my 6th month of that as my sole order at the cafeteria to the point where my order has moved from a complete order statement to a rapid-fire command barely discernable as English to a grunt, to the cook asking “the usual?”, to a look/grunt response, to a nod.  Also, it appears that about 1/2 of my building subsides entirely on toast and even this some of the technically have trouble getting.  One woman gets toast every day and leaves the burner knob at a “2” on a 6-point scale and instead of cranking up the knob cycles the toaster four times.  It takes her more time to prepare toast than for me to a complete breakfast sandwich, drink, condiments, and breakfast potatoes.  The only reason I know this is that one day my order was misprepared and I had to wait for a new sandwich.  Despite doubling the prep time I still nearly beat the toaster abuser out of the cafeteria.

I stopped at the Blawenburg Market today as I was early for a meeting and asked the salesperson how they got started.  She indicated she was fed up with catering and wanted to do something simpler and authentic, “country living” as she put it.  She then charged me $7.00 for a breakfast sandwich prepared by a Mexican.  By Country Living I think she meant ruthless capitalism, but close.