I purchased a watch yesterday that proved too large.  I looked into a watch band kit on Amazon and the price of $6.00 for what seemed like a bunch of reasonably precise tools seemed to low so I went back to the watch place to have the links removed.

Me: Could you remove two links from this watch chain?
Attendant: Sure *removes links* there you go.
Me: Hey, where do you get your tools?
Attendant: We used to have these expensive ones that came from corporate but they sucked.  We got a set online that worked great.
Me: Where?
Attendant: Amazon.  Cost like six bucks.

Thank you, China.

While at Kirby last week the kids made small shelf units out of excess wood. As I watched small hands struggle to efficiently cut wood and assemble pieces without personal injury that should the Chinese catch up to america’s information economy we could always fight back by harnessing child labor’s hidden adorable side.