I was shuffling through the pictures I took during camp so I could start uploading them to flickr and remembered this little gem:

Yep, a napkin dispense with text in Comic Sans.  There should have been a note below

We did the above sign in comic sans because our research shows people like it as a way for businesses to be “fun”.  We also chose it because it looks sloppy and poorly made like the food you’ll inevitably spill on yourself.  Mouthbreather.

The idea of using comic sans in any professional setting is ridiculous moreso on a napkin dispenser and this rage has led me to a new term: fontracide.  If you find a good example of fontracide I strongly recommend you add it to del.icio.us or flickr.com with that tag.

After I returned from my colonic incarceration I stopped by the health lodge for a status update regarding camp.  I got talking with Dr. Knopf about health and fonts came up.  I mentioned that Bill had written a letter in Comic Sans, he asked why that was a problem.

Me: This is why comic sans is a problem *shows Doc font*
Doc: Why would someone use that?  It looks like a collection of hemorrhoids.
Me:  Every time someone uses comic sans God kills a puppy.
Doc: It looks like a Nehru jacket, or
Me: A piano key necktie or mullet…
Doc: Yes.  Let’s see what else there is *looks at other fonts* Batang!  Now there’s a font.

I did something I almost never do today.  I yelled at boss at camp.  I wouldn’t say I’m intimidated by Bill but I don’t like being yelled at least of which by him.  But today I saw that he’d written a formal letter in comic sans and snapped.

Me: You wrote a formal letter in comic sans?
Bill: Well, it wasn’t completely formal, I wanted it to be casual.
Me: Then use a simple sans serif font like calibri, verdana or helvetica, not comic sans.
Bill: What?
Me: Comic sans is the frat-boy of the font world “it says, look at me!  I’m fun and formal!  I’m in Office, wo ho ho!  It’s like the leisure suit of fonts, the mullet,the Brut by Fabrige.  Sure maybe it’ll impressed the dullard but do you really want to be seen in public with the piano key neck tie of fonts?  I thought you were better than that.

I’ve always been a bit of a font snob, and today it hit home.  I’ve been working with a SPL who wants his troop to do some special activity while at camp.  I’ve explained the safety concerns and he started whining.  I could have met his requests, bent the rules and so on, but opted against it.  Every message he sent me was in size 16 comic sans.   I don’t think I’d trust a person who writes like that with my camp’s mountain bikes.