I’ve been trying to reduce the length of my posts overtime and yesterday’s post seemed to have cross a line in terms of brevity vs. clarity.  I decided to attack this by creating a comic strip to elucidate some of the things that may not have perfectly come across.

Created with Witty Comics Engine: Click image to use

My original version involved a rapidfire sequence of panels with changed dialog from other sources, but it looked too… epileptic for my tastes.

I felt a bit cocky after yesterday’s form triumph so I figure I’d try to enter the big leagues by using Adobe InDesign from CS3.  I’m not normally intimidated by software but after the first prompt asked “would you like to manually adjust the font kerning defaults for finer display control” I clicked yes and I think somewhere a house exploded.  I tried importing a document I had previously done in publisher and this cartoon expresses what happened.