A friend of mine is going to be a biological father soon and I wanted to thank him for the many times he’s housed me while I was traveling by sending him a care package consisting of the things he’ll need as a daddy like cookies and girly magazines hidden inside of parenting magazines.  The latter was more complicated than I thought as it was no mean task to just remove pages and paste the new magazine in.  First, the magazines had to be shimmed to the same size and the band saw did not do nearly as elegant a job as I would have wished.  Instead, a rotary trimmer was used and then gaps or misses were fixed up a with a razor blade.  Then, I tried one of two tactics:

Tactic #1:  Glue job – I cut out the appropriate number of pages from the parenting magazine to make room for the squared off girly magazine pages and doused both sides with a heavy coating of rubber cement before joining the two together and clamping it in place.

Tactic #2: Embedded Magazine – In this simpler scenario, I kept the entire inner magazine whole and just pasted it inside after shimming.

The first method appears to look better but the second delivers a much better binding.  Keep this in mind next time you need to hide one magazine inside another.

The NSFW Part

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32 invites, 21 respondants, 11 cancelled same day, 5 cancelled within an hour.  So, gradually the sex imbalance went through the successive stages of nidged, unbalanced, sausage fest, sausage convention, International Congress of Sausagists.

The event of the evening was the making of the pimp chalice as seen here, because nothing says party like arts and crafts.


These pimp challies were best used to inebriate our former family scion:


We also learned that the Spanish word for bling, is bling.


The bounty of the evening was rich and cost a mere $60.00 a person.  Needless to say, I have leftovers including 1/3 square yard of brownies.


The countdown was properly spent as all should, by watching a score of attractive women sing “La Cucaracha” on Spanish television.

So now I have many bags of chips and about 12 unused pimp chalice blanks.  Looks like I’m holding a party for when by brother moves out.