The tournament- I really want to use my pulled wisdom teeth as Vanishing counters on Magic cards.  What does that say to an opponent when a player uses human teeth to keep track of life totals or counters on creatures.  And to think some members of the Christian right don’t like the game…Dinner- Mykie was wearing his “I eat more pussy than cervical cancer” shirt as we entered Cheeburger Cheeburger, and all was going well with the waitress until mid-order Steve points to Mykie’s shirt yelling “that’s horrible!” as I dive with a menu to conceal the shirt from the waitress.  Mykie finishes his 1 lb burger and gets his picture taken and the female photo taker finds his shirt humorous and the entire restaurant cheers for his gluttony.  But the picture comes out blurred requiring a retake as confused restaurant goers wonder why his picture keeps getting taken as if he’d consumed 4 lbs of beef.  A particularly good copy of his picture looked like it’d been dyed with the Jamaican flag and his shirt reads “I eat more piss… a cervic can” because of how it folds.  The last picture attempt comes after most of our party has left so you just see Mykie smiling with a giant burger with an array of empty bins around him as new patrons see his tacklessness and what appears to be a monument to gluttony.