Well, it looks like my Ethics class is my new excuse to be an arrogant bastard.  We watched a little play on ethics today and we had to pick out the ethically questionable actions and then write how we knew it was wrong.  Normally, that’d be difficult if ethically questionable weren’t against the law.
Scenarios of “questionable” ethics:  Boss leverages sex for promotion.  Cook books for auditor.  Write off non-business expenses as business expenses.  When someone raised their hand stating they could only find two, blood nearly shot out of my eyes.  To make it worse, the bra-burning feminazi in charge insists on making things “interactive”.  Only four people respond and two were boys and two were girls, one each of Caucasian, African American, Hispanic (Latino?) and Vietnamese (she said so, I’m not guessing).  I warmed to this as this diversity was sufficient to have the instructor feel her goals were met.  Also, BioShock is absolutely amazing, it’s like System Shock written by Ayn Rand.  The guide’s name is Atlas for cryin’ out loud.