As part of graduation, I must take a seminar on business dining.  The presenter was rather obviously on her fourth career after being in Philadanco, theater at U Penn, HR at Guy Carpenter and now the illustrious Fox School of Business at Temple.  Of all the seminars of this type I’ve taken, this was by far the best containing the following quotes:
1. A posse is a sign of fear, and like the new world must be conquered.
2. Should you butter a whole roll no matter were you are the hand of Janice will smite you.
3. Today’s business culture is gender neutral, which means men should still open the door for women.
4. A properly worded insult may yield a free drink, but a properly worded letter may yield many free drinks, and in one case, Flyer’s Tickets.
5. One of the fastest ways to move up in an organization is by politely noting when your boss’s fly is open.