I received a message from Tom Leitz, assistant camp director that he probably won’t be back from vacation in time for the Staff Reunion and he forwarded me a list of the RSVP’d staff.  Interestingly, this was identical to the list that RSVP’d to me.  To find this next part bewildering one needs to realize that we started using the RSVP system so that camp admin could take payment and provide the person running the event with a person count.  I asked to about this to which he replied “you can check the office”, the old I’m-going-on-vacation-and-am-going-to-make-you-drive-for-an-hour-and-a-half-to-do-my-job excuse.  I like to think of it merely as a retro Christmas where things were like they were in years past except for this time, Dan Rowley, the host having a heart attack after he hears what’s happening.At Work:  Today, one of my coworkers dropped a part for use in a clinical device and was told to destroy it at significant cost to dispose and re-manufacture.  This normal procedures for most medical devices with the following differences:
1) the part was designed to be covered in shit
2) dust is cleaner than shit
3) the product works strictly on the outside of the body
4) the part is irradiated with the rest of the parts in the product before shipping
5) the part was designed to be covered in shit
Am I the only one to see slight differences?