Hobby Arc

Staff Member: Can I have a truffle?
Me: No, they’re for Fred for all the work he’s done.
Staff Member: Why can’t I have a truffle?
Me: Do you know what “raging entitlement complex” means?
Staff Member: No.
Me: That’s why, then.

Tonight was the last Magic tournament of the season. It was attended by six people. Last week, we had 56 in total. They played. They had fun. I gave them packs. I thanked Sam and Joe and they left. My job was done. So I too packed up and left for the 10th year in a row.

After the Magic tournament, I drove to Stomping Grounds, a new gaming store in the area, and sold my remaining grab bags, big box, and set up an arrangement to sell my deck of 6″ x 9″ promotional cards which I had sleeved in comic book sleeves. As of this Friday, I will own no more Magic cards and an 18-year chapter of my life will close. I once owned tens of thousands of cardboard squares. I now own merely thousands as I still have all my Star Trek and Star Wars cards.  For a time I was a n00b, for a time I was competitive, for a time I was a judge, and for a time I was an organizer. This process bears many parallels to my other interests:

Magic: n00b – competitive – judge – organizer
TF2: n00b – skillful – server admin – team founder
Scouting: Cub Scout – Boy Scout – camp admin – district activities chair
Skepticism: n00b – foot soldier – ?
Photography: n00b – guy who sometimes sells prints or photos – ?

Will my photography, interest in philosophy, professional career, or something else take this arc, too?

I can’t wait to find out.