SuburbanAdventure.com fits into the hulking mass of some 120 billion sites considered blogs. This site was started in September of 2006 and has had content added roughly on a daily basis since then and has covered aspects of my academic, career, and personal life including a few things I wish I could forget.

My goals for the site:

  1. Document humor and mirth found in everyday life
  2. Store and develop ideas and projects that I consider valuable
  3. Provide tools to improve critical discourse and triumph over all sorts of bad arguers
  4. Get rid of crap that I probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place or have replaced

Personal Statement: Value in life is found through the experience of wonder and joy. Creativity, compassion and justice are the paths we must travel eternally if we wish to make it to these destinations and still have enough humanity to understand their simple love. Once found, we should wrap these around us like precious silks. Associated media:

  • My Flickr site contains pictures I’ve taken mostly from Magic tournaments, Scout events and while walking around. I now bring a camera with me just about everywhere as I was sick of missing out on recording the gems of living. I’m not a terribly good photographer so I cover up for my inability by taking a lot of photos and paring it down. For each picture I post I usually chuck 3 or more.
  • My Facebook pages contains more information about my interpersonal networks and how well I’ve done on various quizzes. That’s about it. I don’t like most Facebook apps and consider the idea of an uncentered social network to be a bit infantile. It’s nice to see how people are doing once in a while.
  • I post frequently at 5-Color.com, a site for a variant of Magic: The Gathering and am a member of the organization that manages the rules of the format. There’s not much here for non-Magic folks.