Some Faulknerian Idiot Manchild was humming Petula Clark’s Downtown on the train and it got stuck in my head. This is what the day wound up sounding like.
MSOM 105: “Using the distance formula will not minimize distances in most factories” “Downtown”
IH 0051: “The goal of Jnana Yoga is the worship the godhead” “Downtown”
ACT 0002: “If you guys don’t start participating I’m going to ask you to go” “Downtown”
SOC 0062: “Examples of racial discrimination can still be found in many of American’s institutions” “Downtown”
STAT 212: “When calculating the value of some sample space with an unknown variance, the Tschybechev Inequality can give you an upper board to the standard deviation assuming a small number epsilon””Downtown.”

Yeah, I know, that last one didn’t work at all but it’s fucking Stat 212. It’s like the alphabet and the number line had sex and they taped it.