Suzie invited Janine and I to a Reddit holiday party in Philly this evening.  I don’t use Reddit, but I appreciate that it has its own community, norms, and customs so I tried to go with my arms spread wide.  By that I mean I brought a trifle and a copy of Jungle Speed.  This trifle version had more layers than my previous one and probably contained fewer calories but more total sugar.  The glass plus contents weighted about 16 lbs and my hands felt weak after holding it up for more than half a minute or so.

2013-01-12 18.44.07

The party itself was fine.  I missed many of the internet references, didn’t know many people’s names and don’t drink but still the atmosphere was enjoyable and it’s nice to meet new people.  A few hours into the evening, I brought out a copy of Jungle Speed and part of the room descended into madness.  One of the things I like about Jungle Speed is that skill compounds.  If you exit a round slightly sooner than others, you’ll be more rested for the next game making your odds of victory a little bit higher.  Two new players were the last out in each round and were exhausted after three games.  The last game went about 45 minutes and ended with one of the players coming over to me and saying “I hate you”.

Glad I could bring people together.