Thanksgiving passed without incident. So much so that I had some line left in my drama rope and decided to install Windows 8 on my main desktop. Even that went smoothly. Hm….

My uncle came up from Delaware and appetizers and cheeses came out at around 3pm. The turkey was done by 6pm and everything else was done and out for the dinner proper at 7pm. I am currently eating low carb and couldn’t have any of the desserts I had made, but my uncle had brought a cheesecake and a can of whipped cream. Whipped cream, while tasting sweet, has almost no sugar in it. The whipped cream didn’t survive the night.

Everyone left after a main course of three meats at around 10pm and on the way out my uncle looked at me and said “I just realized, you did everything tonight. Thank you, Terry?” This moment of “I’m Ron Burgundy?” was more touching than strange. At no point prior had my uncle reason to really thank me. He was the uncle that gave the great Christmas presents, he was the uncle that hosted the best game night parties, he was the uncle that had the pool. Now I was the nephew hosting Thanksgiving.