Doing My Damn Job

I’m an unabashed time-user at work.  If I have no task, and no value-added ancillary task, I will happily occupy myself with chatting or doing Scout stuff until something more pressing pops up.  If something that I think is both important and has a deadline appears, I can turn into a robot.  A coworker asked me to look at the specs of a PC he wished to buy, and the following ensued:

Him: Terry, do you think you’ll get to the… thing today?
Me: Nope.  I have work to do.
Him: Oh, I get it, what kind of work?
Me: The kind you’re watching me do.
Him: Ok, and then?
Me: And then I’m going to go home.
Him: Will you do it there?
Me: No, I’m going to go to bed so I can wake up early.
Him: To do it then?
Me: No, so I can drive back in and finish what I’m doing now.
Him: You’re serious.
Me: Yes.
Him: You’ve changed.