Going Through Stamps

I went on a tear at the post office a month or so ago and bought sheets of weird values of stamps.  I thought I’d use them more but have taken to using online postage printing to send most things.  I want to get some use out of them so I’ve started sending people things that they’ve left here or what have you as a way to use them.  Here’s some objects and how much they cost to send:

Copy of Shaq-Fu: 2 Rockafeller Statues of Wisdom, an American Red Cedar, a Bighorn Sheep and 2 Tiffany Lamps.

Graffitied Magic Card: Mother Theresa, Breast Cancer Survival Awareness, 2 decorative tea kettles, and a Navajo Necklace.

Copy of the Art of Loving, by Erich Fromm: 2 Richard Wrights, a Bighorn Sheep, and 2 Harriet Beecher Stowes.