Can't kill a deer? Settle for mastadon.

My atlatl has arrived.  Atlatl’s are a primative weapon that was used by those in the neolithic era as a technological advancement over the spear.  The atlatl has also recently been legalized for hunting in Pennsylvania and after stealing my brother’s hunting journal have bronzed the article.  Note to reader: don’t bronze flammable materials, you just get a lump of bronze.  I over came this by rewriting the headline of the article in a Sharpie on said lump of bronze.   Later I talked with a bow enthusiast friend and he swore up and down that there’s no way a piece of bamboo and a dart could take down a deer.  I agreed with him, that it probably could take down a 170 lb deer at 50 ft, so I’d have to settle for being able to take down a 4 ton mastadon at 150 feet.  Damn.