Butter, the secret ingredient to all good soups

Anthony Celona and I splurged on a fine Italian dinner at Mamma D’s in Plumsteadville, PA and I got a full contact lesson on Italian food.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m open to new foods, I’ve tried seal jerky for Christ Sakes and will consume a mammal no matter how fatty or cute.  I tried the cream of olive soup.  Now, cream soups should be as their name states, creamy, but the creaming agent should not be a stick of butter.  And in a cream soup the the flavoring is typically subtle.  Instead I received a bowl of table olives someone had attacked with an EZ Chopper in a stick of butter.  Besides this culinary abomination when asked why I didn’t like it I simply used my old standby “it was salty” no one ever second guesses this but the moment you say “it was poorly prepared” or “improperly spiced” an inquisition begins.  I stated I wasn’t used to Italian food as my mother was from Belfast, the server then stated “isn’t that north of Sicily”, I simply responded “yes”.  And some people say I have no tact.