I pooped a squirrel

I had to meet my adviser today to schedule a select admission class but the only appointment I could get was at 2:00 PM which is during another class. Hm… I got up to leave that class at about 1:55 PM and the TA asked where I was going and I blurted out “the rest room”, no one’s going to argue with that Terry, genius!  I walked two blocks, up four flights of stairs and found my adviser was disposed, so I waited, and waited, and finally met, spent 12 seconds to fill out a piece of paper work and returned to the class still in session.  As I walked in the door, the TA looked up again and I quickly glanced at the clock it was 2:35, I had spent 40 minutes “on the can”!  So, I wiped fake sweat off my brow, exhaled fully and quietly said “no more Persian food for lunch”.  Her jaw went slack and her face contorted, and I sat down triumphantly.