The car accident did wonders to your knee's complexion

We received group assignments in SOC R064 today.  Each group must surreptitiously watch an area of the Temple campus for 30 minutes and record interpersonal interactions and the racial groups which interacted.  Having been assigned the “skate park” portion of Temple I proposed we get skate gear and talk like board leet mutha’s.  Everyone in the group was engaged in this joviality when I asked the girl to my left what she thought, she turned beat red and started reviewing for a geology test.  I thought this odd, and continued joking with the others about the mad grind stalls I planned on doing.  As said beet faced person left I then realized she had a limp that would make a run in with a loan shark jealous.  I always come in before her and talk with the girl next to me so I suppose I never noticed a walking deficiency that would make her jealous of Nancy Kerrigan.