A usage for border collies

Pat and Clara doubted the glory of the atlatl and I was on a mission to prove the supremacy of meso-American weapons. We (that’s Pat, Clara, me and the dog Tipsy, a border collie) went to a park in King of Prussia and my heart sank as I saw there were no lights by which to find the dart.  Pat cast a dart hoping the ambient light of King of Prussia would be enough, and the projectile disappeared into oblivion.  After about 30 seconds of scanning the field for the missing when a black and white splotch approached us.  It was Tipsy, the border collie, with the dart in it’s mouth.  For the next hour we cast slobber-covered darts into the darkness only to have them returned by an over-enthusiastic border collie.  It’s doubtful that I will ever be able to train Max to do the same.