Panini makers, not just for sandwiches

I’m trying to make shirts for a Christmas gift for my fathering involving Iron On decals.  In a flash of insight I decided a flat constant heat panini maker might work.  So, I ventured to Macy’s which had a panini maker on sale and began looking for a sandwich maker with a flat surface.  As I looked around, a sales attendent asked me what I was looking for and I told her a panini maker with even heating and before I could say “and a flat surface” she launched in a detailed analysis of each proposing I purchase this one.  I said I need a flat one and she looked at me and recommended a non-flat one, this happened a few more times until she finally asked why I needed a flat one and said plainly “Some people use panini makers to make t-shirts, not just sandwiches”, and she looked blankly as I walked away self-righteously.