Shopping for the gay man

Dad’s jean collection for the most part consists of things that lie somewhere between “rugged” and “vapor” so for Christmas I decided to get him some jeans.  To not give away the secret I looked through the laundry to find the smallest pair knowing it’d be my father’s.  I found a beat up pair of 32 x 29s and quickly purchased a number of pairs and put the laundry back in my dad’s hamper.  This morning, my brother’s girlfriend was unable to find the pair of jeans she threw in my brother’s laundry and I quickly realized I had 4 incoming pairs of jeans that would fit no one in my house but my brother’s girlfriend.  I found out that Chris Lutz wears a 32 x 30 and figure I can unroll the cuff to cover the difference.  No one tell him from where the secret bounty of denim he received for Christmas came.