Joy, in desk form

Act Sci 305 was moved to a different class to get a larger chalkboard and I immediately voiced my concerns as the previous class had lab benches were these desks properly sized for 12 year olds.
Mrs. A: Do you really like the other class better?
Me: Yes, there was enough room to have two books and a calculator on every desk.
Mrs. A: But the board’s smaller and everyone’s further away.
Me: But the speakers in here sound like the Queen Mary’s fog horn if you walk by the transmitter.
Mrs. A: Who likes the other room better?
*Everyone over 6′ or 200lbs raises their hands*
Mrs. A: Okay, I’ll think about it.
Me: But, the other class is so much better.
Mrs. A: Okay, now the region of death for a…
Me: The other class is amazing! Everyone fits.
Mrs. A: *Death stare* newborn of age zero is charted by…
Me: The other class is the Elysian Fields of Temple.  As you enter, you are greated by Calliope, Muse of Song, and Tersichord dances in the back as Urania whispers sacred knowledge into one’s ears under the auspices of Pallas Athena and…
Mrs. A: Alright, we’ll go back to the other class.
Me: Thank you.