Why do I hate the Socratic Method?

My IH0052 Instructor conducts classes by primarily asking questions AKA the Socratic Method.  As the Faulknerian Idiot Man Children in our class seemed incapable of answering without simply restating the question and I get rather bored showing my greater breadth of knowledge in all things animal, vegetable and mineral, I I asked him if he planned on doing so the entire semester. to which he responded “what is the Socratic Method?”  I nearly committed my first hate crime.

This post may not seem funny to most people, but if you’ve ever seen me bludgeon Dan DiSalvo, Kenny Moritz, or any one at OSR that uses the Socratic Method you’d know the approximate wattage of the beams of rage coming from my eyes at my teacher’s response could have lit candles at a distance or melted steel.