It's hot ice. It'll be huge

I work 12 hour shifts at BMS, M/W/F and at 8:00AM and 5:00PM I want a cold drink, so I brought in an ice tray into work.  At first it was my little secret, then slowly my ice started disappearing.  This wouldn’t annoy me accept that even when emptied it was never refilled.  I consider this karmic balance for my theft of candies (1-09-7) except when I found their use: in the morning a woman comes in with a piping hot cup of coffee, and at 10 AM she reheats it and then puts two ice cubes in. WHY WOULD YOU MICROWAVE IT THEN ADD ICE!  This isn’t an isolated occurrence as I’ve verified that she does it near daily.  I’ve recently discovered that Gastroenteritis can withstand both heat and cold, vengeance will be mine!