Lynne’s funeral service was wondrous except for the guy sitting in front of me that made up parts during the hymns.  I’m pretty sure he was a tenor but what he was singing rarely coincided with the notes on the page like he’d chosen Lynne’s funeral to show off his improv skill, but he sounded okay so I let it slide.  He also did that annoying thing where at the end of the song, instead of resolving the Picardy third he went up the octave.  Grrr.  When the service was over the church, which was un-neccessarily nice led us to the cafe (what church has a cafe) for a luncheon.  I’m pretty sure the church used to a Holiday as I’m certain there was a concierge desk and probably a Starbucks if I looked hard enough.
Edit: Somehow I managed to completely miss the point: On the way out, Lynne’s son steps to the front to shake everyone’s hand and each person in success imparts some piece of wisdom, shakes his hand and leaves.  I become mortified as my heartlessness will soon be revealed, I quickly think of something to say and as he reaches out to shake my hand, I look him straight in the partially teary eye and say “I have nothing profound to say.”  One day I’ll learn how speech works.