I love physicals, especially sensory testing ones as they make me feel like I’m about to go into space or participate in a physical challenge from Double Dare.
Eye Examiner: Please read the bottom line of the chart.
Me: Made in China 2006Eye Examiner: Read the number in the circles.
Me: 8-29-12-5
Eye Examiner: *Silence*
(The 5 is part of a test pattern to check to see if people are faking it, like here. No one can see all 4 circles)

It was even more fun as the nurse walking me through everything was maybe 100 lbs.  At one point she had to jump to remove an electrode on my chest from an EKG.

Finally, we did height and weight, and after learning I’m 6’3″ (?) I asked the capacity of the balance.
Nurse: 350 lbs.
Me: I’m over capacity.
Nurse: Okay, well you look to be about 320 lbs, *writes it down*.
That makes total sense.  This person is in charge that I’m not in danger, I feel safe.