We began discussing Darwin’s Origin of Species and the point was brought up while discussing Toygers.  Immediately, crazy-Asian-woman and dumb-white-man went at it over the rights and wrongs of genetic engineering, GM foods and test-tube babies.  I stayed cool for about 20 minutes of this rubbish until I broke.
Me: We’re talking about a God-damn cat!  There’s no bio-lab tinkering here.  It’s not making zombies, or sheep-people, we’re not creating super-bugs or biological weapons and we’re using technology that man has used ever since he said to himself “that bull looks tasty, I think I’ll take him home and make some more”.  We’re not taking university resources away from curing AIDS or fighting cancer.  We’re talking about cat breeders that simply want to fulfill their lifelong dream of having a little tiger at home.  Get over it.
*Dead silence*
Instructor: Let’s move on….After class, I approached the teacher to apologize where he told me I took it better than he thought I would.  Thursday should be fun.