No trashbags left, time to go food shopping!  How was I rewarded for my vigilance? Inebriate bimbo check-out agent!  I begin loading the belt and she simply stares at me, like a cow at an oncoming train.  She eventually began bagging while talking to the counter person next to her.  She’d scan 3 items, stop, and then bag them and repeat a bunch of times at glacial speed.  The other bagger came over to help and stood at the end of the line waiting for the goods.  My tipsy clerk continued doing the same damn thing.

People started lining up waiting for me to finish and the agent starts asks me if I’ve “tried the Vanilla Life” cereal, to ask me this question, she completely stops scanning and makes eye contact with me until I response saying “no”, to which she says “you should try it”, I’m going to you fuck-tard that’s why I’m buying it.  From here on the rage of every shopper in Genuardi’s was directed into a laser beam of anger at this woman.  This is why automated check-out was invented.