The Order of the Arrow is the BSA’s totally non-secret *wink* organization to promote camping *nudge* where folks go through an “ordeal” to see if they hot shit.  In reality, it’s a day where we talk hormone enraged 12-16 year olds (mostly) and tell them to shut up, not eat, work hard, and sleep outside.  It’s wonderful.  Some take to it better than others.
Me: You look like you have something to say.
Candidate: I do.
Me: Well, what is it?
Candidate: I can’t say, I’m under a vow of science.
Good job, kid.

As an added bonus, sometimes professional Scouts go through the Ordeal as a way of saying “I’m will to partake in your ‘program’ in exchange for being paid to be a decent person”.  This weekend, Sandi Leonard was working at Kirby as a candidate and was getting ready to have a sandwich for lunch which is significantly more than the traditional 2 pieces of bread, a piece of cheese and an orange.  James Grove, takes her sandwich cuts it in 1/4, removes the meat, lettuce, and tomato, jams a napkin in it and puts it in the corner.  Many would consider this hazing, unless you’ve sat through an FOS presentation.