Today was my last day at work (well, Saturday technically is but nyeh) and as I broach the door of the building I am immediately stopped by the receptionist who says “Are you (dramatic pause) Terry?”, “yes” I said.  Man sitting in chair “they told me you would come to help!” WTF.  Everyone else was apparently out and a repairman came and needed to sign in and somehow he remembers me from a conversation three years ago at a coffee machine which included the statement “hm… I had no idea that the quality control for sex toys was so rigorous”.  On my last day someone decides to make me the fucking emissary of lab technicians and I now have the magical power to sign-in outsiders and give them parking passes.  This is the camp equivalent of a CIT changing a unit roster so I wrote it off as a side effect of wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  The guy’s now in and he leans real close to me and with a face you expect from someone who’s about to punch or kiss you says “I don’t have ladder… *pause* can I borrow your step stool” then he raises an eyebrow.  I give him a kick stool and all is fine until the final moment of weirdness upon his departure where he says “I hear it’s your last day, see you next time”.