The air conditioning in the Jeep Cherokee hasn’t been working, and with exception of the hotter days, I have no problem with it but after weeks of fiddling, the Robinsons are yet to determine the root cause of the air conditioning kartoffel.  Today at the intersection of Bridgetown Pike and a street that comes off of bridgetown pike, a truck in front of me slams on reverse.  I have a car immediately behind me so can’t really move and I got terribly excited at the concept of being hit, blaming the AC problem on him and having everyone (but the truck driver) leave happy.  In fact, I was so excited I photographed the religious iconography on the back of his truck, here’s the one side, and the other. As I’m giggling like a schoolgirl he slams the breaks, pokes his head out the window and yells “sorry!”.  You should be.