I accidentally deferred a bunch of UPS packages to the Horsham distributing center so had to drive there to pick them up, three in total.  I walk in, tell them who I am and get an immediate hairy eyeball.  The woman behind the counter stomps into the back room where I half expended my photo with “do not give packages to this man” below it.  She returns with clipboard and barks “we have one package for you!”
Me: I should have three.
Me: Okay, I’d like my one package.
Her: *Phone grab, angry button smash, moves to computer console*
Wait, wait, wait…
Man busts in, clearly carrying three distinct boxes.  In fact, they were each different colors (white, dark brown, light brown and different packaging types (tube, box, wrapper).
Her: Please sign for your package.
*Presents signature pad with “package number: 3”
Me: Thank you for the package, ma’am.