In reverse order, each quote is a discrete instant and doesn’t tie conversationally to the proximate quotes.
Dad: Do you think Neosporin would work on a duck?
Me: Yes ma’am, we did discharge a firearm multiple times.  We’re okay but the raccoon is dead or at least dying and the duck may not make it, thanks for the concern, good night.
Brian: I always assumed raccoons were vegetarians, it was probably try to get the taste of your rancid pie out of its mouth.
Ryan: I wasn’t sure what it was until after the clip was empty.
Me: Why did you try to grab the raccoon, dad?  I see a raccoon that just attacked a duck in the early hours of the evening with saliva around its mouth and I think “time to play with nature’s bandit!”
(Ryan: I think it’s kinda dead. Dad: Well, is it dead or not, you can’t be kind of dead. Ryan: Right now it’s warm dead, I want to wait till it’s cold dead)
Me: If you can’t hit it before you empty the clip I’m getting the God damn atlatl.
Brian: Does you duck normally make that much noise?

I’ve had to take some liberties with the quotes as this was a rather tense couple of minutes.