The Jehovah’s Witnesses returned, this time with a guy that had taped glasses.  I assume he’s the big guns.  I did some research in preparation for the showdown at my driveway.
Warning! I went into the primal state of cro-magnon nerd debate rage and these are the sections I remembered.
Him: I’ve been informed that you’re skeptical of our beliefs?
Me: You could say that.
Him: Don’t you want to be amoungst the saved during the coming Rapture?
Me: I imagine that’d be nice.  But you say coming Rapture, what about the one you guys predicted in 1898..
Him: The source texts weren’t accurate, the best Biblical Scholarship has put the date around 2010…
Me: I wasn’t finished, 1898 and 1912 and 1917 and 1938 and 1945 and 1972 and 2000 and, because  you’re not dummies and realized how the calendar works 2001 and now 2010.  I’m sorry, but you guys have worse payout than most slot machines.
Him: Smug retort.
Me: Biblical insult.
Everything else was a blur, at one point the well dressed women that came with him were standing to the side in fear as the duck quacked and the dogs across the street started barking.  I woke up on the train to Temple and my shirt was untucked…