I attended the Playwicki district committee meeting and took copious notes-
1.  A sheet about membership was passed around which between the two sides had 4 inches in margin.  4 inches!  It was two separate pages and there a single sentence on the 2nd page.  I nearly left in rage.
2.  Dave Hasel’s wife name isn’t included on the contact sheet.  Probably because when asked, Dave couldn’t spell it.  I think it’s Xsuxsu, and no, she never hosted a children’s television show.
3.  Amazing non-sensical metaphor: If you put the key in the lock, people will respond.  Are we breaking into people’s houses?
4.  Someone stated “we need more tiger trainers”, I immediately had this image of den mothers working with Siegfried and Roy.
5.  I got atlatls classified as a patriotic weapon for purposes of doing a demo at the 2008 Council Camporee at Washington’s Crossing Park.