I’ve been thinking about buying a text book as a reference for the class until I found today a receipt from Amazon for it in my “to file” paperwork bin.  I tore my house apart (well, re-arranged the crap) looking for it to no success.  Then I go to thinking I may never have received it and went about ordering a new one and putting in a complaint with Amazon.  Until I saw that I’d left feedback: “Ridiculously good condition.  Still in shrink-wrap. Perfect”.  I have absolutely no memory of ever having received the book and talked about it to one of my peers when she told me that she’d borrowed it from me and I made copies of a page after she’d forgotten to.  I emailed another act. sci major to see if I could borrow his until I got a new copy and he replied with the PDF I had apparently made and distributed so no one else would have to buy it.  So not only do I have absolutely no memory of buying, receiving, scanning, loan and re-receiving the book, but I have no memory of violating copyright law.  I wonder if that’d work as a defense when the RIAA bursts through the door.