Now that school’s over my brain wasn’t quite sure what to do so I started the day at 6:00 PM Saturday by reading the Penny Arcade comic strip for about 5 hours.  Following that, I did some Christmas shopping for my father who’s come up with an odd Christmas list.  As he and his children has succeeded rather than requesting status symbols from a higher socio-economic group he’s merely requested really nice ones for the one he’s in.  For instance as a truck driver he likes flannel because it suffers changes in temperature well but they weren’t warm enough, so rather than asking for a fleece or jacket he’s requested LLBean flannel.  I suppose LLBean has superior materials scientists designing cutting edge fabrics in today’s most popular clan tartans.  For the record, I’d shoot myself if my last name were Teall of Teallach (although based on the name our family probably owned the town… or were slaves).  If he were a hobo he’d ask for a gold and cashmere bindle.Editor’s Note: While checking the definition of bindle via I discovered a wonderful passage that I wanted to pass on: “Though bindles are rarely seen anymore—hobos of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century most often prefer shopping carts, even though these are obviously difficult to haul onto a hopped freight train—bindles are still widely seen in popular culture as a prevalent anachronism.” entry for Bindle.  This is why Wikipedia is better than Encyclopedia Britainnica.