Is this why you left UBS?

I’ve been trying to get together with Dave Post, a high school chum, for some time as he’s only in town rarely when he invited me to a gathering being held by a mutual friend.  The host’s boyfriend had his Wii and was playing DDR with a degree of interest to which he probably didn’t want to admit.  Later, more people were present and each in turn failed at their first feeble attempts at DDR until someone proposed having everyone in charge of one direction and to use their hands.  The simplest song went well and feeling cocky they upped it to a song that’d normally require having three feet.  It sounded like a half dozen jackboots in a tumble dryer.  The combination of Ivy League degrees and professional certifications failed where many 14-year olds have succeeded.  Sadly, they gave up before I could get my camera.