Hot Potato

After FNM, Gregg Wilson and I wanted to accost Marcus Schneider who works at Five Guys for somehow being a manager there. I went in under the guise of purchasing food, a guise I take on very well and upon seeing him not there I ordered a large french fry and a bacon cheeseburger.

Guy: We’re out of large fry containers so you can’t have one.
Me: What?
Guy: My manager doesn’t know how to order things so we don’t have any jumbo fries. Doesn’t really matter because you don’t need that many fries. I can’t even finish them. It’s just two small fries together.

Who does this guy think he is? Not only is he saying that I don’t know how much potato I want but that he can out-eat me. I left in disgust… after I got my bacon cheeseburger and two small orders of fries.