I shittin' next to McGuyver

I’m in the Great American with Whit and have to take a dump.  I enter the bathroom, see the handicapped and non-handicapped stalls were both empty, enter the non-handicap stall and upon closing the door, before dropping my drawers stare in abject horror at the sliding door latch.  It’s been completely removed.  Only two screws in the entire bathroom are not one-way and those get removed so someone can prevent a shitter stall from closing, crap.  I look at the hole, realize a pen won’t fit into the slider gap and close on the door-side opening so, thinking I clever, take out a key and try.  No luck, to wide to fit in the gap.  I drop my head in shame and enter the handicapped stall praying some fellow with ALS doesn’t enter.

A few moments after my opening colonic salvo someone walks in and immediately goes in the open stall (yes!) closes the door and sighs as he looks at the door.  After a brief pause, I hear the jangling of keys and the metal on metal clink of failure and smile at his creative and our mutual defeat.  After a few seconds of this, silence, and then I hear him drop his pants and remove his belt.  Curious…. After more silence I again hear metal on metal click as the tab of his belt buckle is adeptly slide into the slot for the door slide sealing the slider allowing the McGuyver next to me to shit triumphantly.