So this is what pergatory's like

I ran out of work today.  Normally, when I run out of work I start poking around looking for things to clean before I’m given some Sisyphean task like scanning our back catalog and then deleting the files.  I asked around, no one had anything.  I waited, I asked around, no one had anything.  Someone had something, I did it in 5 minutes and that was after stretching it out.  It got to the point where Chris Fosmire was essentially having conversations through me requesting status updates.  I’d walk to someone’s lab, ask them how they were doing, they’d start explaining, stop and just call Chris creating a net increase in the amount of work.  At around 1 PM I had enough and walked into Chris’ office.
Me: Chris *obvious stalling cough* I need to leave and *his eyes perk up* visit the store for…
Chris: *Emphatic that I’d be leaving* Okay, that’s fine, have a nice day.
Me: But I didn’t even tell you where I’m going.
Chris: I’m sure I can figure it out.
Me: But…. okay.

I hope it keeps up tomorrow so I can go to the pants store.