God of the Gaps quote

Brian Dunning from Skeptoid.com had a nice quote in an October podcast on the God of the Gaps argument used by Anne Coulter.

“Finding evolutionary biology to be invalid as a science because some examples of one foundation of its evidence are buried under millions of years of rock and can’t reasonably be expected to ever be found, despite the fact that other foundations of its evidence such as genetics, resistant bacteria, and observation are perfectly intact, is a logical fallacy, and someone as smart as Ann Coulter should know that. The crime lab doesn’t throw out all the DNA evidence, blood stains, and the murder weapon just because many of the fingerprints were wiped clean.” –Skeptoid show notes

It’s a swell podcast and is usually brief but dense in content.  I’ve gone through about 50 episodes in the last 3 days.  There’s an infinitude of linking options on his page so I won’t bother.