Troop 280's election, oh dear

Mark Lutz and I were assigned to do troop 280’s election.  Troop 280’s been dropping off a lot at their active roster list 32 Scouts.  Only 13 were present so we couldn’t do the election until the adults started calling Scouts to get them to show up.  Three eventually did, two of which were playing basketball outside and a third that lived across the street and was watching TV.  During this, I got to correct a CPR instructor that was telling people that 15/2 was the correct ratio of chest compressions to breaths when doing CPR and 5/1 for children.  If I were 200 lbs smaller I would have literally dove in front of the children to intercept the wrongness of this statement.  Correct info. Anyway, while waiting for the election I took a picture.


I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s only our children.  Anyway, the group ended their meeting with the Scout Law and a Hail Mary, two of the kids that’d arrived late fiddled awkwardly not knowing the words along with two other Scouts that just stared at the floor.  Some units seem to forget that A Scout is Reverent is done differently by each Scout…

Redeeming Event:  A fat women was seated on an up-folding cafeteria bench and throughtout the meeting the bench slowly crept up at the center caused by her… leverage.  When she got up to leave the meeting, the bench crashed down startling her.  She turned around and glared at the child walking by.