Klondike Derby 2008

This is a bit of a test, but clicking on the picture below should open the album for the 2008 Klondike Derby. Please dick around with it and tell me if you like it.

Zack and Nick were awesome and despite 7 hours each of standing we made it through like champs. 17 groups for a total of 100 or so Scouts and 800 darts were launched. In almost every group, there was a special needs kid who took to atlalts well, I think it taps into a primitive part of the brain to which those with brain conditions have access.

During set-up, we needed to mark off two boxes as bonus areas and I didn’t have a knife so I walked over to another group clad in leather jackets and asked for a knife. I was handed the world’s shittest butterfly knife/balisong and I died a little inside. I respect the Filipino people and was saddened to see this shitty knife. It worked. Barely. I had Zack give it back so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

So fat kids were having trouble getting into it, I offered a donut to anyone that hit the 150 foot reflector. It helped, but they still sucked.

A group of snarky LDS Scouts came through and I spent a lot of time emphasizing the points of atlatl history that directly conflict with the book of Mormon. One of the prick leaders rolled his eyes and I wished I still had the butterfly knife.

Exchange that made my heart sing-
Leader 1: So this is what the native Americans used?
Leader 2: No, this is what was used by the American Indians before they were either American or Native.